I heavily fuck with myself.

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You could give me 67 years to do homework and I wouldn’t do it until the night before

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The point of life is getting shit done and being happy. Kanye West, GQ Magazine (via kimkanyekimye)

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Maybe I’m sad about wanting you. I’m not too comfortable with wanting someone. Craig Thompson, Blankets (via larmoyante)

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Let’s play “yes” or “no.” You ask me questions on anonymous or not, and I can only answer YES or NO.
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nobody in college gives a shit ive seen peope walking to class in heavy snow in sweats and a tshirt and flip flops ive seen people wear studio headphones in lecture ive heard so many professors curse its really some next level shit and high school did not prepare me for it

I was not prepared for university particularly this one lecturer that would slip in a photograph of fisting into presentations to check we were paying attention


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a dead scene kid is trying to contact me through captcha


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If I write about you, I will remember you forever. House Of Hippies (via thehouseofhippies)

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